Clarity Amidst Disruption

Kaleido analysts distill business insights from the chaos of technological change.


Introducing Kaleido Insights

Welcome to Kaleido Insights. We’re a new boutique research and advisory firm founded by four leading industry analysts. We advise corporate leaders on how to transform the “kaleidoscope” of technological disruption into clear, actionable strategies. All our services are based on rigorous, original research.


Collaborate With Us

As trusted advisors, Kaleido Insights helps organizations stay ahead in a rapidly changing world. We offer advisory services, strategy consulting, custom research, speeches, and more. Our clients have included some of the largest brands in the world, as well as countless technology start-ups. Get in touch.


New Research

Three Macrotrends Impacting the Journey to 2030  identifies three trends transforming our world: Super Humans, Fluid Companies and Enlightened Ecosystems. The report introduces these trends to readers and provides insights into their enabling technologies, followed by recommendations on how to create a clear vision for innovation.

Kaleido’s Research Outlook

Kaleido Insights provides clarity in a fragmented technology landscape. Our mission is to enable organizations to decipher, foresee, and act on technological disruption with agility, based on our rigorous original research. You can find our upcoming research agenda below.

Super Human Journey: Global Content Strategies: AI Readiness: Business Models of Automation:
The impact of automation on end-to-end customer experience and customer lifecycles. Best practices of developing content strategies for global organizations. What do companies need to understand, prepare, resource, and develop AI initiatives. How every department can augment business processes through automation.
Customer Interaction Automation: Hyper-Local Content: IoT and Blockchain Use Cases: Super Employee Use Cases:
When and how to align business objectives with automated customer experiences. Hyper-local content strategies, challenges, best practices, and recommendations. Where the intersections and opportunities lie for trusted machine interactions. How AR/VR/MR are impacting employee productivity and onsite efficiencies.
Behavioral Science as a Driver of CX: Automated Content: Ethics of Business and Automation Cognitive IoT
Scientists replace marketers at the innovation table, prioritizing basic human behavior. Defining the content opportunities and risks of machine learning and AI-driven development. Principles of using automation for good. Analyzing impacts, opportunities, risks, and ways “intelligent” devices eliminate friction.

Advisory & Consulting

Based on rigorous research, proven experience, and a network of partners, we provide diagnostics, actionable recommendations, and strategy roadmaps to support strategic decisions. We also offer advisory sessions, conducted onsite or over the phone. Sample topics: corporate innovation; media strategy; IoT readiness; digital transformation, and shifts in the competitive landscape. Read more about our analysts’ expertise here.

Thought Leadership

Our thought leadership offerings include custom research in an interactive artifact for market education and lead-generation purposes; training workshops to foster business goal alignment and ensure practical understanding of strategic principles; speeches to inform, educate and inspire your audience at your next event (including webinars), and more. Contact us to learn more about our solutions.