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Sensors Converge & Embedded Tech Expo present Jessica Groopman

Embedded Technologies Expo & Conference, the largest embedded and IoT gathering in North America and taking place June 27-29 in San Jose, CA, is designed to support engineers who develop embedded systems and work with both hardware and software. The event focuses on the development of embedded systems and the building blocks of IoT, from […]

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Applying Six Digital Transformation Lessons to Regenerative Business Innovation

For the last few decades, the impacts of digital transformation on business have preoccupied leaders and recalibrated markets. The compounding and converging environmental, societal, and economic shocks of recent years are now turning the page. Looking forward, a(n) (r)evolution in business is taking shape: one that reconnects business with social and planetary health.  This is […]

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Customer Experience: The Untapped Pillar of ESG Programs

Customer Experience: The Untapped Pillar of ESG Programs

Sustainability is now a top business imperative, yet most brands are missing the customer opportunity. This report reveals that empowering consumers through new value propositions, technologies, and business models holds massive impact to scale ESG success, and align with long-term innovation.

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What is Digital Regeneration?

Companies undergoing digital regeneration are committed to supporting and protecting people & planetary wellbeing.

The “Circular Economy” (see image at left) is a critical component, as companies learn to use technology in thoughtful applications to redistribute value back into the ecosystem.

Want to go beyond digital transformation, surpass ESG goals, and build a regenerative business? Learn more about our approach. »

How can we help?

Kaleido Insights provides research-driven direction to leaders undergoing technology-driven transformations within their organizations. We enable organizations to transform purposefully, with people and planetary wellbeing in mind. Through the services below, Kaleido Insights analysts help leaders to decipher, foresee, and act on technological disruption, in order to create lasting change and redistribute value back into their ecosystems.

Technology Impact Mapping

Scope all opportunities of how emerging technologies will impact your specific business, customer base, and industry.

Regenerative Business Modeling

Transition your profit model into one that benefits from the circular economy & ecosystem deployment.

Speeches & Workshops

Invite our analysts to speak at your event or lead a team workshop on any of our research coverage topics.

Transformation Benchmarking

Score your current transformation efforts, and understand how to continue maturing in digital regeneration.

Future of Work Roadmaps

Understand how to build an inclusive workplace culture by analyzing current programs, gaps, & opportunities for growth.

Custom Reports & Surveys

Have a unique research need that requires customer or user surveying, qualitative interviews, or UX testing? Contact us.