Kaleido Insights Launches “Digital Directive” Diagnostic and Digital Transformation Roadmap Offering

The Digital Directive accelerates companies’ digital transformation efforts in the areas of: strategy, customer experience, data, organizational alignment, people and culture, analytics, and innovation.

Inspired by countless businesses struggling with “digital transformation,” we have developed a comprehensive benchmarking and scorecard service to support these efforts with a research-based approach for long-term digital strategy. 

What is the Digital Directive?

Kaleido Insights’ Digital Directive is a comprehensive diagnostic scoring method that assesses a company’s digital transformation maturity. Benchmark you current state and create an action plan and roadmap for long-term digital vitality.

This service is the culmination of hundreds of interviews of digital leaders and years of digital transformation strategy and business model design. In all this, we’ve found that most companies investing in digital transformation are reacting to market pressures and playing catch-up, yet the real goal is about sustaining vitality over the long-term. Investing in this service is not just about catching-up with “digitization,” accelerating agility around today’s bright shiny objects and risks.

It is about preparing your organization to proactively adapt to whatever comes next.

How does it work? 

We conduct a deep internal and external analysis to assess and score current efforts across 60+ factors, seven strategic areas, and across every department in order to benchmark, identify gaps, chart progress, and move to action aligned with a pragmatic roadmap. The roadmap charts initiatives, investments, and milestones across a 36-month plan, to get everyone on the same page. We compile and visualize all scores in a shareable dashboard, then re-score in 12 months to track progress and recalibrate strategies. 

Why take this approach? 

The pace and scope of technological advancement is exceeding even the most digitally savvy businesses. We’ve found that most companies undergoing digital transformation are either limited to a small group of individuals in a centralized team, or are defined by silo’d efforts happening across the company. Companies must align stakeholders, teams, and employees towards a common strategy, a common purpose, with common metrics. Perhaps this sounds familiar?

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