Digital Directive: A Digital Transformation Diagnostic & Roadmap to Action

Kaleido Insights’ Digital Directive is a comprehensive diagnostic scoring tool that assesses your company’s digital transformation maturity to benchmark its current state and create an action plan for long-term vitality.

It can be challenging and time-consuming to thoroughly assess your entire company’s digital transformation efforts – all while simultaneously leading the charge forward. Our approach helps you balance both: we analyze and score your current capabilities across more than 60 different factors to bring clarity, alignment, and efficiency to the development of your roadmap.

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Our Robust Intake and Recommendations Process

  • Minimum 10 interviews with up to 20 core leaders to analyze your current capabilities across more than 60 factors
  • Scoring of each capability on a 5-level maturity ranking, aggregating into your Digital Vitality Score (see image below of sample modules scorecard)
  • Review of your existing digital transformation process and governance documentation
  • Surface gaps and opportunities in digital transformation strategy, customer experience, organizational alignment, data strategy and more
  • Define a clear three-year roadmap with actions and resources to activate toward achieving broader vision and objectives.
  • Complimentary re-score after 12 months to help you stay on track and measure impact.

Increase Your “Digital Vitality”: Top Benefits of the Digital Directive

  • Organizational clarity and alignment among departments and leaders on the company’s digital transformation plans and goals — all against an actionable three-year roadmap (see image below)
  • Reduce risks via mitigation techniques and data strategy
  • Improve key metrics like NPS, CSAT, security, financial measures, and innovation
  • Attach progress to a quantitative score to showcase improvement and secure additional support and resources
  • Remain relevant with customers and competitive in your market by prioritizing digital resilience over point technologies
  • A comprehensive third-party analysis of your company’s entire digital transformation effort

Why Kaleido Insights?

We have interviewed more than 200 senior leaders at organizations across myriad industries in order to inform the development of the Digital Directive. Our decade of research experience in corporate digital transformation underpins our prescriptive roadmaps for growth and vitality.