Customer Experience: The Untapped Pillar of ESG Programs

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Sustainability is crossing over into the business ecosystem like never before, as environmental issues dominate business risks, finance mobilization, and technology investments. While the surge of business investment in “environmental, social, and corporate governance” (ESG) programs signals a shift, our research finds most brands are overlooking a crucial part of this strategic transformation: their customers!

To date, most ESG efforts have been invisible to consumers, focused more on operations and logistics, and less on consumer-facing interactions. Even among companies that have connected digital transformation to sustainability, efforts have largely circumvented digital customer experiences.

Report Includes

In this report, industry analysts Jessica Groopman and Jaimy Szymanski surface modern consumer trends overlooked by ESG programs, and disconnected from Digital and Innovation investments. Our analysis finds four key signals of shifting consumer values and value:

  • Signal 1- Perceptions: Consumers Expect Brand Purpose to Extend Beyond Profits
  • Signal 2- Behaviors: Consumers are Ready and Willing to Change
  • Signal 3- Demands: Consumers Want to Be “Eco-Empowered”
  • Signal 4- Impacts: Transformation Opportunities Cascade Across Industries

More on the Report

In each section, readers will discover numerous data points, case examples, and shifts catalyzed by the pandemic and recent societal events. This report also includes research based recommendations based on industry best practices and our interviews with experts, technology leaders, and corporate practitioners. Learn how to activate ESG in alignment with your business’ customer, innovation, and monetization strategies.

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