Organizing for Corporate Innovation

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Innovation occurs in multiple pockets within your company, and it can be difficult to understand how to best organize for maximum efficiency, ideation, collaboration, and output. The challenges compound as corporations add internal and external innovation funnels, departmental input, and align against numerous company goals. Correctly organizing for innovation is the necessary foundation for corporate innovation programs to thrive and achieve results. It’s much like building an orchestral ensemble, wherein a conductor leads multiple musicians and instruments that must act in concert in order to make beautiful music.

This Kaleido Insights report showcases how companies are internally organizing to plan, strategize, and execute corporate innovation programs and initiatives. We present five distinct models for corporate innovation that span from department-led to an innovation “center of excellence” (CoE), all with easy-to-grasp metaphors that relate to how musicians organize as they mature in their craft. Within each model you’ll learn its pros and cons, who makes decisions, the speed of innovation, and the typical amount of funnels.

This report also outlines the top challenges corporations face in organizing for innovation, the types of internal and external funnels that feed innovation efforts, and recommendations in selecting the right model for your company’s size, resources, and innovation vision. You’ll finish the report with a better understanding of how to organize your company for rapid innovation throughout multiple business units, departments, and teams—all aligning together in an orchestra under common goals and vision for success.

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Table of Contents

  1. Executive Summary
  2. Corporate Innovation Programs are Hindered by Inefficient, Slow, or Competing Organizational Models
  3. The Five Ways Companies Organize for Innovation
  4. Recommendations for Building and Executing an Advanced Innovation Program
  5. Moving Toward a More Mature Innovation Org Structure
  6. How Kaleido Insights Can Help
  7. About Us
  8. Research Methodology
  9. Acknowledgements

Report Frameworks

Figure 1: Top Innovation Challenges
Figure 2: Common Internal and External Innovation Funnels
Figure 3: The Five Corporate Innovation Organizational Models

Research Methodology

In addition to utilizing the most up-to-date reports, news, and data available at the time of writing, Kaleido Insights also interviewed 12 industry stakeholders for our research,

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