Research Agenda

Kaleido Insights specializes in applying a multi-disciplinary methodology for emerging technology impact and opportunity assessment. Our research themes target the areas of greatest technological disruption.

  • Digital Trust: How is technology eroding or enhancing our trust among institutions, companies and among citizens in society?
  • Health & Wellness: How are technologies transforming traditional healthcare and empowering new forms of human augmentation?
  • Ambient Computing: How are technologies digitizing the physical world that we interact with?
  • Sustainability: How are technologies driving environmental stewardship and new business opportunities?
  • Future of Work: How are technologies impacting organizations and the nature of employment?

Digital ethics


Research Theme #1: Digital Trust

  • Digital Ethics: Decisions of technology application, access, governance, and risk which determine impacts on people, planet, and society.
  • Cyber Security & Safety: Protection of digital and physical systems and data, and related risks to human safety, assets, and institutions.
  • Digital Identity & Reputation: The digital representation, rights, and reputation of individuals, assets, and events which authorize interactions in a network.

Kaleido Insights Research Theme Health Wellness

Research Theme #2: Health & Wellness

  • Personalized Wellness: The digitization of mind, body, communities, space in which consumer and enterprise technologies are used to monitor or improve wellbeing.
  • Health Data Ecosystems: The stewardship, interoperability, and regulation of health and biometric data in marketplaces.
  • Precision Healthcare: The customization of traditional healthcare, medical decisions, treatments, practices, and products based on data surrounding an individual patient.

Kaleido Insights Research Theme Ambient Computing

Research Theme #3: Ambient Computing

  • Biometric Interfaces: A shared boundary or point of interaction between humans and technology, in which the interface for commands, authentication, and data emissions are biometric-based.
  • Networked World: The digitization and interoperability of objects, architecture, cities and interactions using diverse configurations of sensors, servers, cloud services, and evolving IT infrastructure.
  • Edge Advancements: A form of distributed computing in which data processing, storage, analytics are handled “local” to where data are generated (device, sensor, chip, implantable, or nanotechnology).

Kaleido Insights Research Theme Sustainability

Research Theme #4: Sustainability

  • Renewables: Technological advancements supporting the human and commercial use of energy sources which are naturally replenished on a human timescale (sun, wind, rain, heat, waves, etc.).
  • Efficiencies & Waste: Technological advancements supporting consumer and industrial energy efficiencies and waste reductions.
  • Energy Networks: Emerging network technologies and digital assets used to optimize energy loads, distribution, and access, localize generation, and offset carbon emissions.

Kaleido Insights Research Theme Future of Work

Research Theme #5: Future of Work

  • Innovation Culture: The mindset and programs required for modern organizations to sustain vitality– to proactively innovate both internally across the organization and externally across partners and ecosystem.
  • Distributed Workforces: Diverse types of working environments, talent ecosystems, and on-demand jobs enabled through digital technologies.
  • Talent & Automation: Diverse hard and soft skills, new job categories, generational changes, and HR impacts driven by automation.