Kaleido Insights’ mission is to help companies foresee, decipher, and act on technological disruption with agility. Our research methodology defines our approach: amid ongoing technological change, we identify the constants – your users, your business, and your ecosystem – and apply deep impact analyses across each area.

Like a kaleidoscope, multiple impacts reflect myriad patterns. Diverse technological advancements, shifting customer expectations, and ever-dynamic external forces constantly create new challenges and new ways for companies to proactively react to these changes. Rotation of the full picture (disruption!) creates motion, and a new way to view norms.

Within this methodology lie thousands of combinations for impact assessment, across countless products and services and industry applications, regardless of the technology or disruption du jour.

Kaleido Insights’ Research Guidelines

Kaleido​​ Insights​​ is​​ an ​​independently-funded​​ research ​​and advisory firm,​​ and ​​all​​ research ​​is​​ conducted ​​in accordance ​​with ​​recommended ​​best​​ practices ​​for ​​research ​​conduct,​​ professionalism, ​​and integrity. View our Research Guidelines here.