Szymanski to Keynote Luxury Home Design Summit

Join Kaleido Analyst Jaimy Szymanski on May 24 in Cape Cod for the Luxury Home Design Summit. Her keynote, “The Future of Home Design, Driven by Technology Disruption” will be Tuesday morning at 9:30am. Registration information here.

More information on Jaimy’s keynote:

Emerging technologies are shifting homebuyer experiences, expectations, and behaviors, changing the way stakeholders within the luxury home design ecosystem must operate to remain relevant and competitive. To digitally transform, companies must prepare for the technology disruption on the horizon and align on strategic direction for the future––all with their clients’ needs at the core of innovation. In this speech, Jaimy Szymanski will focus on empowering and inspiring audience members by sharing:

  • Examples of how disruptive technologies and related trends will impact current approaches to luxury home design (including: NFTs, sustainability tech, augmented and virtual reality, blockchain, smart home, the metaverse, and more)
  • Opportunities for multiple industry stakeholders to take advantage of these technologies, including architects, builders, interior designers, landscape architects, and more
  • Drivers, catalysts, roadblocks, and challenges that luxury home designers will encounter in planning for emerging technologies and changes in client expectations