Digital Regeneration Assessment: Transformation Benchmarking & Roadmap

Digital Regeneration Assessment Kaleido InsightsKaleido Insights’ Digital Regeneration Assessment is a comprehensive diagnostic and scoring tool for advancing digital strategy in alignment with regenerative business goals, investments, and action plans.

You’ve spent years digitally transforming your organization, maturing in roles, resources, and innovation efforts. Now, it’s time to push your company further into the next phase of digital transformation: digital regeneration.

Our approach determines your current state of digital transformation and also guides you into new, ecosystem-based approaches to innovation that leverage digital technologies to scale net positive. Ultimately, this benefits shareholders and stakeholders alike––across profits, people, and planet.

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Our Robust Intake and Recommendations Process

  • Minimum 10 interviews with up to 20 core leaders to analyze your current capabilities across more than 60 factors
    Review of your existing digital transformation process and governance documentation, as well as ESG, SDG, and accountability across stakeholders
  • Scoring of each capability on a five-level maturity ranking, aggregating into your Digital Regeneration Score (see image below of sample modules scorecard)
  • Surface gaps and opportunities in digital and innovation strategy, customer experience, organizational alignment, data strategy and more
  • Define a clear three-year roadmap with actions and resources to activate toward achieving broader vision and objectives.
  • Complimentary rescore after 12 months to help you stay on track and measure impact.

Transform with Purpose: Top Benefits of Digital Regeneration Assessment

As part of continuing to secure support and resources, it’s important for digital leaders to have a benchmarking process in place that shows digital transformation improvement over time, in alignment with broader business objectives. Kaleido’s Digital Regeneration Benchmarking serves as your comprehensive, third-party analysis of the entirety of digital transformation efforts at your organization.

Our diagnostic and roadmap guides you to applications of regenerative business practices, while ensuring you remain relevant with customers, competitive in your market, and profitable in prioritizing the right technology and innovation strategies. Other benefits include:

  • Develop richer data, less data waste
  • Attract talent, build pipeline
  • Improve CX/UX/EX
  • Increase customer innovation
  • Strengthen customer, employee, community relationships
  • Accelerate innovation, scale efforts
  • Decouple business operations from extractive practices
  • Exceed sustainability goals/requirements
  • Restore operational localities
  • Deepen relationships across value chain relationships
  • Contribute solutions to societal challenges

Why Kaleido Insights?

We have interviewed more than 250 senior leaders in digital, innovation, IT, HR, Web3, and ESG at organizations across myriad industries in order to inform the development of our Digital Regeneration Assessment service. Our decade of research and advisory experience in corporate digital transformation underpins our prescriptive roadmaps for growth and vitality.