Szymanski to Judge CX Awards 2022

Kaleido Insights Industry Analyst & Founding Partner Jaimy Szymanski will be on the judging panel for CX Today’s first CX Awards in 2022! CX Awards is a global awards event that celebrates Customer Experience Awards including; Contact Centre, CRM, Artificial Intelligence and more. Applications open on Nov. 26, 2021. More information here.

CIO’s Future of Edge Computing Summit

Learn about edge computing and 5G implementations across industries and smart cities in they keynote presentation from Kaleido Insights Analyst Jaimy Szymanski at CIO’s Future of Edge Computing Summit on Oct 19. Register for the virtual event here:

Webinar: Putting the Customer at the Center of Digital Transformation

In this webinar for Rackspace’s Solve Strategy Series, join Kaleido analyst Jaimy Szymanski as she sheds light on empowering digital leaders to confidently put customers at the core of innovation. Following Jaimy’s presentation, panelists will dive deeper into ideas relating to agility and modernization through the lens of CX. Live online Jun 29 10:00am CT,  or after […]

Sensemakers: AI Inferences vs. References & The Truth About Us

Join Jessica Groopman as she presents research and analysis on the promises and perils of artificial intelligence used for decision-making to Amsterdam’s Sensemakers IoT Forum. This event will take place virtually on June 16 at 9am PST / 7pm GST+2. Learn more about Sensemakers and register here at no cost!

Crypto & Blockchain Global Conference

Jeremiah will present his view on Social Tokens and decentralized media at the Crypto & Blockchain Global Conference hosted by Crowd Create. Listen to a panel of the smartest and most successful thought leaders in different industries share game-changing insights to help you get ahead. May 18th 2021, 10am – 9pm PST

Rackspace’s Solve Strategy Series on Data Modernization

As new technologies transform customer expectations, leading organizations are thriving by adapting their business models and modernizing their data. Join Jeremiah Owyang, disruptive tech and corporate innovation expert, for a presentation identifying the key technology trends impacting customer behavior, and the new business models to consider as you lead your company into the future. Jeremiah’s […]

Digital Transformation: Imperatives for the Benefits Industry

Virtual Panel Discussion | Feb. 4, 1pm ET Emerging technologies are impacting the benefits industry in a variety of direct and indirect ways, transforming how businesses support their customers, how health care providers interact with patients, how employers engage their employees and how patients participate in their own health care. In this session, Kaleido Insights’ […]

Podcast: Leading the Factory Forward

In this episode of Leading the Factory Forward, host Lynn Friesth talks with Kaleido Insights Industry Analyst Jaimy Szymanski about the findings she’s seeing in the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), 5G enablers, and how manufacturing leaders can get started. Listen here.

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