Hype Hazard: Your Source for Exposing the Tech Behind the Hype

On the Hype Hazard tech podcast, former Kaleido Insights analysts cut through the noise, exploring the flashiest tech du jour to expose what’s really at stake. Each episode focuses on an emerging technology company and its market implications to help innovators decide whether they should pay attention, or avoid the froth! At the end, each company receives a rating: Is it… Trash, Flash, Cash, or Splash?

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About the Ratings

We rate companies discussed on our highly scientific scale to help digital leaders put each breakout technology into context:

Trash: Garbage abound in tech-land, so buyer beware of rubbish in disguise!
Flash: A flash in the pan! Hot now, but fleeting once it exhausts early adopter segments
Cash: Money-maker with scalable potential, but ultimately nothing innovative here
Splash: Fundamentally innovative, and full of transformative potential to fix a real problem



Hype Hazard was designed, developed, and recorded by Jaimy Szymanski and Jessica Groopman. Randall Ward edits our show, and our theme music was composed by Adam Roszkiewicz. Cover art designed by Mary Talbert.

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