Kaleido Insights’ industry analysts offer a full menu of research-based services to our clients. These services include:

Transformation Benchmarking

How can we advance from digital transformation to the next decade’s imperative: applying digital to scale our regenerative impacts on people and planet?

Kaleido Insights’ Digital Regeneration Assessment is a comprehensive diagnostic and scoring tool for forward-thinking companies interested in advancing digital strategy in alignment with regenerative business goals, investments, and action plans. From data stewardship and redefining customer value, to evolving CSR and aligning sustainability goals to drive profitability, we can help you benchmark current digital transformation efforts, develop strategies, and activate circular, ecosystem-driven approaches to innovation. Find out how. »

Technology Impact Mapping

What technologies and trends should we prioritize in our strategic investments?

Amid ongoing technological change, there are three constants: your customers, your business, and your ecosystem. Using our unique TechScope methodology, this research-based service helps you analyze emerging technologies and trends to identify and prioritize use cases and actions based on your specific business context and objectives. Some clients select technologies like machine learning or 5G, others select trends like Web3 or sustainability; TechScope is highly customizable but always provides clarity on impacts, opportunities, and direction.
Learn more about the TechScope process and roadmap. »

Regenerative Business Modeling

How can I ensure my organization’s business model will be regenerative and profitable in the future?

The principles of the “circular economy” bring about novel opportunities for business revenue and partnership models, while also benefitting customers, employees, communities, and the environment. Kaleido Insights offers business modeling analysis and regenerative opportunity identification to help companies transition into an ecosystem-driven approach to innovation: one that contributes, generates, and distributes value across the network. Re-think “net zero” and accelerate towards “net positive” with our help. »

DEI & Future of Work Roadmaps

How can we ensure our workplace fosters trust, belonging, and development for every individual?

Simultaneous disruptions in technology, access, structures, and culture are radically reshaping the nature of employment, productivity, demands for talent, and how organizations build for the future. Leading companies see these pressures as opportunities to reimagine collaboration, reevaluate metrics, and realize the benefits of diversity on innovation. Kaleido Insights works with HR, Culture, and DEI leaders to foster regenerative workplaces by analyzing current programs, technologies, gaps, and opportunities for development.
Learn more about our approach to evolving the “future of work.” »

Speeches & Workshops

Kaleido Insights’ seasoned technology analysts deliver speeches that inspire, engage, and educate audiences. Whether at an in-person event, on a webinar, or a small-group workshop onsite, we share research-driven insights with real business impacts that are specially tailored to your audience, organization, and industry. We also offer 1:1 advisory sessions to help decision-makers tackle complex technology issues.

Custom Research Reports & Surveys

Have a unique research project that requires customer or user surveying, data analysis, qualitative interviews, or UX testing? Our custom research offerings include frameworks, recommendations, roadmaps, interactive artifacts for market education, and lead-generation content. Deploying rigorous research methods, we provide customized research tailored to your business needs.

Future of Work Roadmaps & DEI

How can you use technology in the workplace to build trust, belonging, and development?

Kaleido Insights Future of Work Roadmap & DEI (diversity, equity, and inclusion) service has helped several organizations navigate the complex balance of fostering a more inclusive, engaging, and purpose-driven working environment with emerging technologies and data-driven workflow planning and integration.

Kaleido Insights can support your future of work with an approach that starts with cultural analysis and bringing an outside-in, research-backed perspective to your organization’s emergent patterns, pressures, skill gaps, and opportunities. Our goal is to recommend the right cultural elements, technologies, and governance to help employees thrive.

We evaluate the entire employee journey, including overlooked relationships such as part-timers, creators, and local communities. Our extensive research in digital inclusion helps you benchmark tools, programs, and metrics with your peers, and connect broader People strategy with innovation and net positive outcomes.

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Deliverables You’ll Receive

The future of work isn’t just about AI and robots, it’s about organizations attracting talent based on worker opportunities, prosperity, and dignity. Every organization is different, but all are facing unprecedented disruptions in the way we work. In each Roadmap, we’ll deliver:

  1. Executive Report of Findings & Recommendations
  2. Employee Journey Analysis
  3. Per phase: Recommended efforts, tools, safeguards, policies; key relationship and outreach opportunities
  4. Roadmap for Alignment and Activation