Activating the Corporate Innovation Core: Culture

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The corporate innovation imperative is forcing companies to undergo a cultural change in order to compete with nimbler organizations and startups alike. Culture change within a corporation happens slowly and requires a commitment to change management and employee empowerment to make real progress. This requires innovation leaders to act in opposition of traditional company cultures that favor predictability over change.

In this report, we explore how organizations are becoming more innovative from the inside out. Foundational culture change is at the core of how corporations operate, what they value, how they support employees, and the vision leaders have for the future. Culture also takes time and is without a “quick fix.” You can’t become innovative overnight. Innovative corporations are built over years of leadership, governance, hiring practices, and approaches to innovation.

Within, you’ll find real-world examples of companies that are building cultures of innovation through supportive leadership, forward-thinking HR teams, intrapreneurship programs, and more. The journey is rife with challenges to overcome as well, including middle management “permafrost,” traditional executives, and a fail-averse mindset. The goal of this research is to showcase best practices in fostering a core culture of innovation in order for internal and external corporate innovation programs to bloom.

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  • Five (5) high-resolution graphics and frameworks visualizing research findings, including an actionable scorecard to benchmark efforts
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Table of Contents

  1. Executive Summary
  2. Digital Transformation Sparks a Need for Culture Change
  3. Human Resources Transforms Into “Innovator Resources”
  4. Intrapreneur Programs Empower Employees and Bring Consistency
  5. Culture Shift Is Derailed By Lack of Support, Risk Aversion, and Misaligned Benchmarks
  6. How to Build and Foster a Culture of Innovation
  7. How Kaleido Insights Can Help
  8. About Us
  9. Research Methodology
  10. Acknowledgements

Report Frameworks

Figure 1: Innovation Requires Top-Down Support to Grow Beyond Product R&D
Figure 2: How to Work with Four Executive Personas to Ignite an Innovative Culture
Figure 3: The Modern HR Leader’s Toolkit to Spearhead “Innovation Operations”
Figure 4: Culture Change Tops Innovation Challenges
Figure 5: Innovation Culture Scorecard

Research Methodology

Insights for this report were gathered via interviews with more than 20 executives and innovation leaders from Fortune 500 companies and innovation ecosystem partners as part of the Kaleido Insights corporate innovation report series. This report is part of a larger research series on corporate innovation wherein more than 100 stakeholders were interviewed or surveyed. Mention in this document does not represent a complete endorsement of the report by the companies listed herein.

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