Automated Content: How Artificial Intelligence Impacts Content Throughout the Organization

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Content isn’t only writing itself, but images, videos, and other forms of communication can now be created with little or no human intervention. Artificial intelligence (AI) drives this trend, but other technologies are involved as well. The implications of automated content go far beyond marketing into numerous lines of business: service and support; legal; HR; product and other business areas will be impacted by this trend, as will industries such as news and media, finance, energy, and beyond.

In this report, industry analysts Rebecca Lieb and Jessica Groopman define automated content; present a portfolio of use cases; discuss opportunities, risks and rewards of automated content; as well as its future state.

Report Includes

  • 15-page Research Report Automated Content: How Artificial Intelligence Impacts Content Throughout the Organization including real-world examples, pragmatic recommendations and best practices, frameworks to activate, and endnote resources, sourced from 16 research interviews
  • Two (2) high-resolution graphics and frameworks visualizing research findings
  • Two (2) Downloads per user

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Definitions
  3. The Content Problem
  4. Automated Content in Action (Case Examples)
    1. Marketing
    2. News Media
    3. Customer Service
    4. HR
    5. Legal
    6. Business Intelligence
  5. Risks & Rewards of Automated Content
  6. A Look Ahead
  7. About the Authors and Kaleido Insights
  8. Research Methodology
  9. Ecosystem Inputs
  10. Acknowledgements
  11. Endnotes

Report Frameworks

Figure 1: Use Cases for Content Automation
Figure 2: Risks and Rewards of Automated Content

Research Methodology

In addition to utilizing the most up-to-date reports, news, and data available at the time of writing, Kaleido Insights also interviewed 16 industry stakeholders for our research.

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