Digital Transformation: The Quest for Business Vitality

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The pace of technological change and advancement is not only accelerating, it is growing more complex. As a result, organizations across every sector are struggling to catch up, plan, and allocate investments in Digital Transformation. Yet, true Digital Transformation requires an understanding that the status quo is constantly shifting. Competing and scaling in the digital era requires far more than digital apps, but the cultural embrace of new models for collaboration, data, and innovation across networked ecosystems.

In this report, Kaleido Insights explores the elements of change that encompass Digital Transformation. From aligning stakeholders across the organization, to creating a sound and secure data strategy, to measuring the real business impacts of Digital Transformation, the entire company culture must embed agility and proactive innovation to remain competitive in an ever-evolving digital economy.

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Report Includes

  • 18-page report, including real-world examples, frameworks, and analysis of Digital Transformation maturity for business leaders to apply
  • Three (3) frameworks visualizing Digital Transformation approaches, critical elements, and maturity levels
  • Two (2) downloads per user

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Connecting Digital Transformation to Business Vitality
  3. Mythbusting: Five Common Digital Transformation Misconceptions Exposed
  4. Seven Elements of Digital Transformation Assessment
  5. Five Phases of Digital Transformation Maturity
  6. Snapshots of Digital Transformation Excellence
  7. Benchmark Digital Transformation Maturity
  8. Conclusion

Report Frameworks

Figure 1: Four Common Origins of Digital Transformation
Figure 2: Seven Elements of Digital Transformation
Figure 3: Five Phases of Digital Transformation Maturity


This report was produced as a result of analysis conducted by Kaleido Insights, and developed between August 2019 and March, 2020. The trends and analysis included in this report were synthesized from a multi-modal set of research inputs Kaleido analysts reviewed, including research interviews, reports, commercial activity, conferences, client work, and secondary research.

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