Online Safety in the Age of Artificial Intelligence

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In collaboration with the Family Online Safety Institute, Kaleido Insights is proud to present this research which analyzes six AI-driven transitions relevant to the next generation of online safety, as well as the risks and opportunities each presents:

  1. From chatbots to personal assistants
  2. From standardized testing to personalized learning
  3. From job-based to skill-based labor
  4. From disconnected homes to ambient computing environments
  5. From online games to real-world economies
  6. From ‘dumb’ buildings to cognitive infrastructure

As AI infuses our online and physical worlds, it becomes a shared priority for us all and requires a multilateral approach across government, industry, law enforcement, educators, parents, and youth. Our analysis presents a framework with the key roles and responsibilities to enable a Culture of Responsibility, and to promote the kind of future that maximizes digital safety while reaping the rewards of technological advancement

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Report Includes

  • 25-page Whitepaper Report, including real-world examples, frameworks, and recommendations for industry, parents, policy-makers, law enforcement, educators, and more
  • 15 interviews of parents, educators, and online safety experts
  • Two (2) frameworks visualizing risks, opportunities, and findings
  • Two (2) downloads per user

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Part 1: Artificial Intelligence Permeates Our Digital & Physical Worlds
  3. AI in the Online World
  4. The Future of Knowledge: AI in Life, Education, and Work
  5. AI in the Physical World
  6. The Future of Interface: Ai in the Home, Games, and Schools
  7. Part 2: Opportunities & Risks AI Presents to the Future of Family Online Safety
  8. Part 3: Six Generational Lessons for the Future of Kids’ Online Safety
  9. Part 4: Societal Forces
  10. Part 5: Implications for a Culture of Responsibility in the Future
  11. Part 6: Conclusion

Report Frameworks

Figure 1: Opportunities & Risks AI Presents to the Future of Family Online Safety
Figure 2: Key Actions for a Culture of Responsibility


This report was produced as a result of analysis conducted by Kaleido Insights, and developed on behalf of the Family Online Safety Institute between August and October 2019. The trends and analysis included in this report were synthesized from a multi-modal set of research inputs Kaleido analysts reviewed, including research interviews, reports, commercial activity, conferences, client work, and secondary research.

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