Prepare for the New Reality of “Super Employees”

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Prepare for the New Reality of “Super Employees”: How VR and AR Technologies Enhance Workforces to Transform the Enterprise

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In this report, industry analysts Jaimy Szymanski and Jeremiah Owyang explore in detail the most effective cross-departmental use cases of mixed reality within organizations (applicable to a variety of industries) and the advantages of utilizing virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) over traditional processes, practices, and legacy technologies. These include:

  • Engineering and Design Modeling
  • Training and Employee Education
  • Real-time Information Overlay
  • Theft Protection
  • B2B Sales
  • Marketing and Entertainment.

From designing machinery in a collaborative VR space to avoid collision issues, to utilizing AR wearables to overlay information for technician repairs in real-time, the mixed reality space is filled with opportunity for innovative corporations seeking to empower “super employees” while achieving greater efficiencies and engagement. Like many modern-day superheroes, these employees are strengthened with superpowers made possible via technological sidekicks that augment their bionic brains.

Implementation of VR and AR initiatives is not without its challenges though, as change agents find themselves clearing roadblocks in education, ownership, budget, and support along the way. In addition to outlining these barriers to adoption, this report also includes a recommendations checklist based on industry best practices and our interviews with experts, technology leaders, and corporate practitioners, aimed to activate mixed reality use cases beginning with key considerations.

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