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As companies mature in their corporate innovation efforts, it becomes increasingly important to measure success of individual programs in order to justify resource allocation and stay afloat. As a follow-up to our previous research, The Corporate Innovation Imperative, in this report we examine how companies are moving the needle with each of the 10 types of corporate innovation programs, from internal teams and intrapreneurship to external outposts and startup partnerships.

You’ll find specific metrics that you can begin using today to showcase the impact of your innovation initiatives, beyond traditional KPIs tied to bottom-line revenue generation (that we find are often a fallacy metric when relied on too early).

The metrics reported and case studies cited stem from our qualitative research, speaking with 15 leaders from Fortune 500 companies, startup innovators, and ecosystem experts. Though solving the corporate innovation measurement equation may seem a daunting task, this report will assist you in zeroing in on the right metrics that matter to your program type. With tightening budgets, proving success to the C-suite is evermore critical to your programs’ survival.

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Table of Contents

  1. Executive Summary
  2. A Foundation For Measurement: The 10 Corporate Innovation Programs
  3. The 10 Corporate Innovation Programs graphic
  4. Metrics for the 10 Types of Corporate Innovation Programs
  5. How Kaleido Insights Can Help
  6. About Us
  7. Ecosystem Input And Endnotes
  8. Research Methodology

Report Frameworks

Fig. 1: The 10 Types of Corporate Innovation Programs
Fig. 2: Top Innovation Success Measures (general metrics framework and separate framework outlining metrics for each innovation program type)
Fig. 3: Innovation Metrics at Cisco, Segmented by Business Outcomes

Research Methodology

Kaleido Insights interviewed 15 executives and innovation leaders from Fortune 500 companies, innovation ecosystem partners, and educational institutions for this report.

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