Three Macrotrends Impacting the Journey to 2030

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Three Macrotrends Impacting the Journey to 2030: Super Humans, Fluid Organizations, and Enlightened Ecosystems

In this introductory report from Kaleido Insights, we explore technology’s impact on the evolving relationships among humans, businesses, and their ecosystems, crystallizing the innovator’s path forward.

We’ve found that the pace of change driven by technological advancement isn’t just accelerating, it’s widening. The scope of this change simultaneously defines our age as well as how we manage life and work. As myriad technologies continue transforming modern society, business, and culture, Kaleido Insights has identified three essential macro trends that will impact everyone’s (yes, everyone’s!) journey to 2030.

Within each of these trends, Kaleido analysts surface key implications and offer clear direction on how to apply insights to help organizations participate.

First, technology is enabling people to evolve into
Super Humans. Born in the age of social media and accelerated through mobile and AI, consumers’ ever-expanding toolkit of capabilities means individuals wield more power than ever before.

Second, nimble and
Fluid Organizations are those that survive. Early efforts in digital transformation reveal why shifting competitive forces require agility and fluidity across systems, internal culture, and within innovation programs themselves.

Third, Enlightened Ecosystems are the result of digital convergence with the physical world. As distributed systems become more integrated, machines and supply chains interconnected, we are building an intelligence more powerful than any single human or business.

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