When Robots Take the Wheel

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The future of mobility and self-driving vehicles is on the horizon, with on-demand business models of the Collaborative Economy setting the stage for this eventual “autonomous world.” When intelligent technology systems operate with minimal human participation in the application of driverless cars, all industries must adapt to an inevitable transformation of societal behaviors and expectations.

In this report, Kaleido Insights examines how self-driving cars will disrupt a series of industries and their business models: auto manufacturing, taxi and car services, travel and hospitality, insurance, logistics, medical, municipalities, retail, telecommunications, energy, and media. These impacts are dependent on the expert assumptions that self-driving cars will be available for public consumption beginning in 2018, will reach complete autonomous capability by 2022, and will be as safe as (if not safer than) human-driven cars. Auto manufacturers and tech companies are also accepting these predictions as gospel, investing heavily in self-driving car prototypes and testing amidst legislative roadblocks.

Join us as we explore the “Autonomous World” and the potential impact on your industry, organization, and customer relationships. This research is just the beginning of you forging your path and growing your program development.

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Report Includes

  • 20-page Research Report When Robots Take the Wheel: The Future of Mobility in an Autonomous World, including real-world examples, pragmatic recommendations and best practices, frameworks to activate, and endnote resources, sourced from 11 research interviews
  • Four (4) high-resolution graphics and frameworks visualizing research findings
  • Two (2) Downloads per user

Table of Contents

  1. Executive Summary
  2. The Collaborative Economy Sets the Stage for Autonomous Innovation
  3. Auto Manufacturers Develop Prototypes Amidst Legislative Roadblocks
  4. Corporate Innovation Programs are Hindered by Inefficient, Slow, or Competing Organizational Models
  5. Autonomous Vehicle Disruptions Will Impact Every Industry
  6. How Kaleido Insights Can Help
  7. About Us
  8. Endnotes
  9. Research Methodology
  10. Autonomous World Infographic

Report Frameworks

Figure 1: Four Phases of Digital Eras
Figure 2: Self-Driving Cars Expected to Cut Transportation Costs
Figure 3: Self-driving Cars Will Reach Complete Autonomous Capability by 2022
Figure 4: Autonomous World Infographic

Research Methodology

In addition to utilizing the most up-to-date reports, news, and data available at the time of writing, Kaleido Insights also interviewed 11 industry stakeholders for our research, including six council members. Industry stakeholders were selected based on their expertise and experience related to the self-driving vehicle market and other autonomous world impacts.

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