Kaleido Insights’ Research Guidelines

Kaleido Insights is an independently-funded research firm and all research is conducted in accordance with recommended best practices for research conduct, professionalism, and integrity.

Basic Research Ethos
The objective of our research is to collect and analyze information in order to support strategic, sustainable, and ethical decision-making associated with business adoption of technologies. All Kaleido Insights analysts shall conduct research as objectively as possible, always obtaining consent from participants, and with the goal of advancing broader market understanding and research-based best practices.

What follows is a Q&A to address questions associated with our research and monetization models. Kaleido Insights reserves the rights to amend any of the following guidelines at any time. If your question is not addressed below, please do not hesitate to reach out directly at info@kaleidoinsights.com.

How does Kaleido Insights generate revenues?
Kaleido Insights is a research and advisory firm which generates revenues through industry and thought leadership as well as research-based advisory and consulting services supporting both brands and technology vendors, as well as agencies and trade associations. It is our pledge and promise to the market that, in order to avoid conflicts of interest, our objectivity is best maintained when technology vendors constitute a minority portion of our revenues.

Will Kaleido Insights content promote my (or any other) company?
Kaleido Insights exercises utmost editorial and journalistic independence and will never be paid solely to promote or tout any single product or solution. While development of research-based thought leadership materials such as whitepapers and webinars are part of our business model, such materials are intended to contextualize specific technologies or applications within a broader landscape. Kaleido Insights will always preserve its position as vendor-agnostic.

Does Kaleido Insights produce commissioned research (research sponsored by paying clients)?
Part of Kaleido Insights’ business model includes the development of commissioned research studies. Such partnerships typically focus on surfacing market or use case opportunities or consumer or employee sentiments, wherein a client values the third-party position and integrity of Kaleido Insights analyst team. In these arrangements, Kaleido Insights team members work closely with clients to identify the research question and support primary research methods such as interviews, surveys, focus groups, etc. address the question. Clients commission the development of all related research efforts and artifacts, and all commissioned artifacts reflect joint branding and clearly articulate the research partnership. In all instances, Kaleido Insights reserves editorial rights and independence in any jointly developed research and content.

Does Kaleido Insights comply with requests for confidentiality, anonymity, and non-disclosure?
Kaleido Insights understands the sensitive nature of proprietary information. In all firm interactions, we respect any and all requests for confidentiality, anonymity, and/or non-disclosure. Such interactions include, but are not limited to research interviews, vendor briefings, salon dinners, private discussions, scoping, email exchanges, etc.

Does Kaleido Insights obtain consent for research participation?
Kaleido Insights will always obtain full consent before conducting a research interview. In addition as a courtesy, Kaleido Insights will reach out prior to publication of any research materials to offer advance review of any quote, case example, or other content directly sourced from a research interview. If publishing quotes sourced directly from a past interview, we will still reach out again with a courtesy advanced review.

How does Kaleido Insights handle highly competitive clients?
In the event two direct competitors are both working with Kaleido Insights, we are committed to respecting and adhering with all confidentiality and non-disclosure agreements. Further, we are committed to notifying the existing client relationship prior to onboarding a new competitive client. Our reputations are what precede us and we understand the risks compromising clients presents to Kaleido Insights and our analysts.

Does Kaleido Insights support lead generation efforts for clients?
Kaleido Insights understands the need for quality lead generation, and are happy to assist with lead generation efforts such as whitepapers, webinars, podcasts, events, and so forth. That said, we expect clients to adhere to all regulatory requirements and best practice guidelines associated with web, text, or mobile-based marketing and advertising.

Does Kaleido Insights share its research openly?
Kaleido Insights currently subscribes to an open research policy, and publishes portions or all of its non-commissioned research under Creative Commons license.

Other questions? Please ask: info [at] kaleidoinsights.com.