Hype Hazard Episode 2: Woebot & Mental Health AI

In this episode, we explore Woebot and the rise of artificial intelligence used for mental health and therapy. Are cute chatbots really the solution to scale mental health support for the billions? You might want to lie down on a couch as we unpack the big questions…

  • What is Woebot and how on earth are we programming Cognitive Behavioral Therapy into code-based talking bots?
  • What are the trade-offs of sharing our most intimate thoughts (and health data) with a machine-powered confidant? And why do implications vary across demographics?
  • Why “emotive computing” exemplifies the stickiest ethical tensions facing businesses as consumer tech blurs the lines between wellness vs. traditional healthcare?

Ratings Time: At the end of each episode, we rate this breakout technology on our highly scientific scale to help innovators put this into context. Tune in to hear our review, and tell us what you think!

  • Trash: Garbage abound in tech-land, so buyer beware of rubbish in disguise! 
  • Flash: A flash in the pan! Hot now, but fleeting once it exhausts early adopter segments
  • Cash: Money-maker with scalable potential, but ultimately nothing innovative here
  • Splash: Fundamentally innovative, and full of transformative potential to fix a real problem



Credits: Hype Hazard is designed, developed, and recorded by Jaimy Szymanski and Jessica Groopman. This episode was edited Randall Ward and our theme music was composed by Adam Roszkiewicz.

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