Hype Hazard Episode 5: Clearview AI & Facial Recognition

In this episode, we explore Clearview AI and the fascinatingly factious facial recognition market. Is the ability to identify any individual in one click the future of safety, justice, and frictionless verification, or are we staring down the barrel of an irrevocable surveillance state? Get ready for your close up, as we zoom in on the apparatus of panopticon potential…

  • What is ClearviewAI, and why has this tiny start-up prompted a global uproar?
  • What’s worse: lawlessly crossing the facial recognition rubicon that even Tech Giants demurred; or relying on the whims of a single start-up CEO to decide its fate?
  • Why facial recognition spotlights the fragmented state of data protections, and magnifies the widening gap between big data-powered innovations vs. legal safeguards and civil liberties.

Ratings Time: At the end of each episode, we rate this breakout technology on our highly scientific scale to help innovators put this into context. Tune in to hear our review, and tell us what you think!

  • Trash: Garbage abound in tech-land, so buyer beware of rubbish in disguise! 
  • Flash: A flash in the pan! Hot now, but fleeting once it exhausts early adopter segments
  • Cash: Money-maker with scalable potential, but ultimately nothing innovative here
  • Splash: Fundamentally innovative, and full of transformative potential to fix a real problem


Credits: Hype Hazard is designed, developed, and recorded by Jaimy Szymanski and Jessica Groopman. This episode was edited Randall Ward and our theme music was composed by Adam Roszkiewicz.

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