Industrial IoT Powers Distributed Work During Novel Coronavirus

IIoT devices make remote work a possibility with the use of asset tracking, remote monitoring and support to keep supply chains running smoothly.

Industrial IoT offers significant advantages during times of increased workforce distribution and automation.

Remote work is on the rise, even more so amid the COVID-19 pandemic, pushing businesses to find ways to continue work outside of traditional workplace settings. In the U.S., 69% of businesses say they have a flexible workspace policy, according to the 2019 International Workplace Group Global Workspace Survey, and that percentage is only poised to grow, given the current global health crisis. Industrial IoT (IIoT) plays an important role in keeping workforces connected to each other and organizations’ assets, machinery and equipment, especially when employees are encouraged to keep social distance and, often, work from a remote location entirely.

Track valuable equipment and tools remotely via device sensors

Organizations in the construction, healthcare, manufacturing and retail industries can easily connect shared and often-used assets with sensors to track their location and maintenance status in the factory, warehouse, worksite, hospital or store. When employees can’t be on site because of health concerns or are otherwise more distributed than usual, leaders can keep operations moving efficiently by remotely monitoring assets to reduce loss, increase productivity and plan for shortages. Sensors on equipment can even indicate if the machine has been misused, needs maintenance or needs replacement. Combining multiple antennae and signal triangulation, equipment is projected in a 3D plane and displayed on a map. Analytics software can learn where assets should be located and offer alerts when uncovering irregularities. Rather than deploying people to locations to perform inspections, IIoT-connected sensors can detect vibrations, monitor overall conditions and identify when preventive maintenance is needed using AI.

Industrial IoT Coronavirus Remote Work

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