Kaleido Insights Helps Companies with Survey-Based Research

In the age of dramatic technological advances and shifting competitive landscapes, businesses need market research more than ever. 

As a research and advisory firm, Kaleido Insights takes a data-driven approach to strategy development. We help you to make sound business decisions, based on market data. Our clients often come to us to help solve challenging questions– about product, positioning, purpose, and potential future strategies. Numerous large companies have relied on our services to conduct data-driven studies. 

Our team of formally trained market researchers starts with the problem, and applies the most suitable methodology or mixed methods, including: 

  • Quantitative surveys 
  • Qualitative interviews 
  • Competitive analyses
  • Ecosystem analyses 
  • Across consumer, business, developers, or multi-perspective
  • Across 24+ impact areas Kaleido monitors 

We support clients with internal assessment as well as external trends analysis, but where we really shine is helping companies connect the dots between these areas, and across multiple factors. 

What is so unique about Kaleido’s research-based approach? 

First, our data analysis methodology is designed to make the most of data generated. We help clients…

  • Make business decisions based on the data (e.g. business model selection; product features)
  • Make departmental decisions (e.g. marketing, positioning, sales, operations)
  • Make customer decisions (e.g. demographic, UX) 
  • Design and align overarching narratives that contextualize the business
  • Prioritize next steps and initiatives (e.g. product or innovation roadmaps)  

Second, we manage end-to-end methodology design: all data collection partners or sources, (including your own!) as well as reporting, analysis, strategic alignment, and recommendations for action. To date, we’ve helped numerous companies apply this approach to customer, go-to-market strategies, and more. 

Third, while there are many great resources available, our clients and career experiences have enabled us to deliver on the best of both quant and qual; strategy and tactics; and as a boutique firm specializing in emerging technologies, deliver the holistic view in a timely manner. 

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