New Report: Kaleido Insights and Edelman Digital Partner to Release 2019’s Most Impactful Trends in Marketing, Technology, and Culture

“Innovating with Impact in an Era of Accountability” now available

Today we’re proud to announce Kaleido Insights’ partnership with our savvy friends at Edelman Digital on their 2019 digital trends forecasting report: Innovating with Impact in an Era of Accountability. The whitepaper guides marketers, technology leaders, and innovators as they explore how to link digital investments to performance in ways that meaningfully impact their businesses, customers, and society.

Its theme sits squarely at the crux of digital transformation and corporate accountability. As companies mature in digital efforts in 2019 (increasing investments along the way), it will be irresponsible for disparate departments to innovate in silos without connection to an overarching strategy and business goals. Simultaneously, we’re also seeing customers and employees hold brands increasingly accountable to far greater standards of relevancy, transparency, and data protection and stewardship––which must also be reflected in an organization’s approach to responsible digital transformation.

Innovating with Impact in an Era of Accountability is a unique look into emerging trends for the modern marketer as seen through a collection of viewpoints from both Edelman Digital and Kaleido Insights’ leadership. This partnership drives a distinct depth and breadth that marries both futuristic, research-driven trends analysis and pragmatic recommendations for implementation.

The report is the fourth annual installment of Edelman Digital’s trend report series and the first time the digital agency has presented the report in partnership with another firm. It examines myriad topics as they relate to accountability and responsible marketing, including:

  • The impact of “generation Z” on tomorrow’s workforce
  • Marketing technology integration
  • Corporate innovation through interconnected ecosystems
  • Evolving expectations and accountability of the C-suite
  • Driving real value with influencer marketing
  • Decoding the impact of contextual content
  • B2B marketing breakthroughs
  • Digital identity and the future of customer experience (CX)
  • The new definition of social commerce
  • Machine learning’s impact on marketing
  • The rise of artificial intelligence (AI) ethics in 2019

Innovating with Impact in an Era of Accountability can be accessed directly from Edelman Digital’s website (registration gate). Over the coming months, we will also be exploring the report’s themes on our blog and social channels, as well as sharing and discussing the report with organizational leaders at private events and forums.

In March 2019, Edelman Digital will present additional findings and analysis at SXSW Interactive in Austin, Texas. Kaleido Insights and Edelman Digital will also host a joint webinar that explores key trends from the report, slated for Q1 2019. More information on these events will be available soon.

Interested in speaking to a Kaleido Insights analyst about any topics covered within the report? Please contact us!

Download the report here

More About Kaleido Insights’ Contributions to Innovating with Impact in an Era of Accountability

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