Putting the Customer at the Center of Digital Transformation

Today’s customers are savvier than ever and their expectations are sky high when interacting with companies. Customer-focused digital transformation requires a renewed vision for fulfilling consumer expectations in real-time, turning challenges into moments of delight, and reaching your customers when they need you most.

And, they need you now. According to Salesforce’s “State of the Connected Customer 2020” report, today’s customer is conditioned to receive real-time service, with  83% of customers expecting to engage with someone immediately when contacting a company. They also want to be remembered in each interaction and engagement, with 52% expecting offers to always be personalized. In other words: they expect that “Amazon experience” when hopping channels, with the ability to pick back up where they left off.

Covid-19 has had a direct impact on customer expectations of companies as it relates to digital experiences as well.  The same report indicates that 68% of customers agree that COVID-19 has elevated their expectations of companies’ digital capabilities. If you thought expectations were high a year ago, they’ve truly skyrocketed as many more consumers are working from home, living the digital lifestyle.

Customer experience (CX) program goals are often one-in-the-same with over-arching digital transformation goals (see chart from TM Forum, below), serving as a reminder that CX must align with other strategic priorities in the organization to be successful.

Digital executives must ask themselves: How can we create better customer experiences that align with digital expectations and grow business? That question must remain at the forefront as companies mature through digital transformation in order for efforts to remain laser focused on the customer.

At Kaleido Insights, we’ve identified five phases of digital transformation maturity that companies traverse on their journey to sustained vitality in the market. Below, we’ve applied this maturity model to CX only, to serve as a guide for digital change agents who are leading transformation initiatives. However, it’s important to note that truly successful digital transformation programs, CX is only one of seven areas within the company that must align on the road to maturity.

Kaleido Insights CX Maturity Model

Once an organization is able to truly embrace its “experience map” of expert domain partners, it can transform from a walled garden (or digital transformation in a vacuum) to a true ecosystem enabler that serves customers proactively, delivers pre-emptive service, and resolves any potential issues before they’re even detected.


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