Retail Training in Virtual Reality: The New Secret Weapon to Scale

On a busy retail floor during peak sales season, it’s difficult (if not impossible!) to pull a veteran employee away from critical duties in order to train a new recruit. Thankfully, human resources has a new technology at their disposal to scale trainers: virtual reality (VR).

Not only is VR effective in scaling training programs, but it also easily immerses trainees in difficult or unique situations without real-world consequences. VR training environments are perfect for the retail industry where turnover is high, trainers are typically tasked with many other responsibilities on the sales floor, and success is dependent on customer service quality ratings.

ABI Research projects the enterprise VR training market will generate $216 million in 2018, and grow to $6.3 billion by 2022, with major retailers like Walmart and Lowe’s leading the charge. Walmart partnered with STRIVR to recreate several different training scenarios in VR and deployed the platform to train over 150,000 employees, resulting in 70 percent of trainees receiving better scores on exams. At Lowe’s, more than 400 employees have been trained using VR, with 90 percent reporting that VR training helps them better serve customers.

Conducting training exercises in a VR environment offers many opportunities to retailers looking to upgrade existing employee education programs. Continue reading this article where it originally appeared in Total Retail to learn more about these opportunities.

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