The Kaleido Insights’ Five Research Themes Guide the Modern Business


Kaleido Insights Five Research Themes

Learn more about our Research Themes, which give more details around the Five Themes and Fifteen Sub-Themes.

As the pace of technological advancement accelerates and widens, organizations and consumers are confronted with a new reality: technology is influencing and integrating across every aspect of society.

No longer can businesses consider technological adoption in a vacuum, impermeable from market and cultural forces. No longer do customers view trusted institutions, such as financial, healthcare, or elections outside of the influence of digital expectations and risks.

We analyzed the questions that clients are asking us, as well as using our research methods to forecast what are likely to become future questions that the market would ask. We generated a long list, and applied some prioritization techniques to derive the five major themes and three top priorities.

These themes have longevity, we reflected how these themes would be relevant in the age of a pandemic, and they absolutely are inline, it not even more relevant than ever.

Kaleido Insights specializes in applying a multi-disciplinary methodology for emerging technology impact and opportunity assessment. Our research themes target the areas of greatest technological disruption, yet span any single discrete technology.

These themes pose five questions, our research intends to answer:

  • Digital Trust: How is technology eroding or enhancing our trust among institutions, companies and among citizens in society?
  • Health & Wellness: How are technologies transforming traditional healthcare and empowering new forms of human augmentation?
  • Ambient Computing: How are technologies digitizing the physical world that we interact with at work, home, during transport and everywhere in-between?
  • Sustainability: How are technologies driving environmental stewardship and new business opportunities?
  • Future of Work: How are technologies impacting organizations and the nature of employment?

We view business adoption of emerging technologies through a broader lense than mere capabilities, exploring new forms of value, novel governance considerations, cross-sector implications, all grounded in use case identification. We are conducting ongoing research in each of these areas, and welcome your inputs, briefings, and feedback. We’ll also be opening up additional research findings to our community at no cost, so be sure to sign up for our newsletter and check back for our latest insights.

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