The Seven Modules of Digital Transformation

Kaleido Insights Digital Directive

Many companies talk about “Digital Transformation” but use it in a limited fashion, such as: just turning paper into PDFs or using web tools to communicate to customers, but in the end, the core culture, and even business model has changed.

The scope of digital transformation is wide: in our offering the Digital Directive, we’ve segmented it in seven major modules (each spans multiple departments), for a total of 60 criteria in how we scan this for companies in our Digital Diagnostic offering.

The seven modules you must analyze include:

  1. Strategy
  2. Data,
  3. Customer Experience
  4. Organizational Alignment
  5. Analytics & AI
  6. People & Culture
  7. Innovation

In the interviews we’ve completed to generate this list, the most commonly overlooked item is the mindset of workers, managers and leaders to be a “digital first” culture.

What is a “digital first” culture?

This means: making decisions based on data analysis, understanding how to harness information and data as a product not just physical assets, rapid iteration, acceptance of failure as a means for progress, and developing a culture that is pliable and nimble. In the end, the company has developed new ways to go to market, resulting in new offerings, and even new business models.

Learn more about the Digital Directive.

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