How the Crowd Provides Air Quality Data

Crowdsourced data is helping society to forecast dangerous air quality, how can we use these models for other areas of business? Find out how Governments are using low-cost sensors from the crowd to integrate into models for decision making.

Video: Political Influence and Digital Platforms

During quarantine, humans use the internet to connect to each other, collect news, and form opinions about the political arena. Brands are involved as being a primary source of revenue for these political platforms, creating many questions on the role of platforms, brands and users.

Kaleido Insights Five Research Themes

Applying Covid-19 Urgencies to Kaleido Insights’ Five Research Themes

Kaleido Insights has recently published our five technology-focused research themes, which have wide implications for many areas of society. This research makes deep dives into specific challenges facing civilization as we have come to know it and as it is rapidly changing. To demonstrate the relevancy of these five research themes to our current challenges, we’ve identified how each theme is highlighting key societal changes brought about by the pandemic.