Hype Hazard Episode 10: Smart Home Bonanza!

What better hub of tech hype and hazards than the Smart Home?! For our Season 1 Finale,  we take you on a tour exploring gadgets galore in this flash round of four devices. Are Smart Home devices just ‘assisted living for millennials,’ or real innovations towards improving quality of life and longevity? Come in and […]

Hype Hazard Rivian and Electric Vehicles

Hype Hazard Episode 9: Rivian & Electric Vehicles

In this episode, we explore Rivian and the highly charged electric vehicle market. Are we in the fast lane toward zero-emissions driving, or stuck in a perpetual jam of consumer, commercial, technological, and political blockades? Buckle up as we plug in … What is Rivian and just how much of this $5 TRILLION market can […]

Hype Hazard Episode 8: Robinhood & Investment Apps

In this episode of Hype Hazard, we explore Robinhood and the raggedy rich world of investment apps. Are we witnessing the democratization of finance, or is buying-in to the egalitarian story actually happening at our own expense?

Hype Hazard Episode 7: Deepfakes & Synthetic Media

In this episode, we explore “deepfakes” and the head-spinning breakthroughs in AI-generated synthetic media. Does the ability to digitally doppelgänger anyone doing or saying anything preface the end of trust, a revolution in reputational risk, or just the next era of entertainment? Seeing is no longer believing, so listen up as we peer deep to […]

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Hype Hazard Episode 6: Noom & Personalized Weight Loss

In this episode, we explore Noom and the big wide world of personalized weight loss. Is app-powered psychological training the real recipe for transformation, or just the dish du jour served up by the zillion dollar Diet industry? Phew, we worked up a sweat navigating the narratives on this one… What is Noom and why […]

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Hype Hazard Episode 5: Clearview AI & Facial Recognition

In this episode, we explore Clearview AI and the fascinatingly factious facial recognition market. Is the ability to identify any individual in one click the future of safety, justice, and frictionless verification, or are we staring down the barrel of an irrevocable surveillance state? Get ready for your close up, as we zoom in on the apparatus […]

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Hype Hazard Episode 4: Kahoot! & EdTech

In this episode, we explore Kahoot! and the suddenly booming market for educational technology (EdTech). Is the future of learning supposed to feel like a game show, or does gamified learning only further stunt academic preparedness and equity? Pens and paper optional, but 1000 points for your attention as we didactically debate…  What is Kahoot! […]

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Hype Hazard Episode 3: NFTs & Digital Art Mania

In this episode, we explore non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and what on earth they mean for the arts, artists, and the future of digital media. Are digital property titles — on a JPG, PDF, baseball card or tweet — really worth six-figure valuations, or we just drunk on crypto speculation again?  Hold on to your acronyms […]

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Hype Hazard Episode 2: Woebot & Mental Health AI

In this episode, we explore Woebot and the rise of artificial intelligence used for mental health and therapy. Are cute chatbots really the solution to scale mental health support for the billions? You might want to lie down on a couch as we unpack the big questions… What is Woebot and how on earth are […]

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Hype Hazard Episode 1: Clubhouse & Social Audio

In this episode, we explore the hot new voice-only app called Clubhouse, and the rise of voice interactive social media, better known as social audio. Why are people freaking out about Clubhouse, and is it really a new market, or just a new feature? We cut right to it and explore this super-hyped new platform […]